(2006-03-05. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The protest descends into a riot. The half-orc mercenaries are quickly slain. A breath drinker air elemental is summoned and attacks Maavu. Tarik's Company drives the elemental away. Archers on rooftops wearing Last_Laugh makeup open fire on Maavu, but are thwarted by Kyrin's wind_wall. Maavu escapes using a potion of gaseous_form. The archers flee.

The Company runs into Maavu. He's heading out to Redgorge and the Company can meet him at the Red_Headed_Miner's_Inn. The codeword "morter" will let the barkeep know to trust the Company. Maavu did organize the rally. He's part of The_Chisel, a secret organization.

As the company regroups, there is a cry of a fire near the docks. Tarik's Company rushes to the lake to find Minuta's_Board burning down. The half-orc mercenaries have been boarding there. Two fire elementals set the place ablaze. Tarik's company destroys the elementals. A man in blue robes with blue hair arrives and puts the fire out with a cone_of_cold. He thanks the Company but refuses to identify himself.

24th of Coldeven

The half-orc mercenaries are moved outside the east gate of town.

The Company visits Tygot. They learn that Alek_Tercival has been selling antiques he has found. Several of the items are interesting, especially the Hegemonic_Plate. The plate depicts spellweavers enslaving ogres with Amaranth_Elixir. The elixir makes those who take it extremely strong, but saps their willpower. It also depicts the Starry_Mirror and the pattern 3 4 5 1 2 3. On the back is a crude map. It appears to depict a location south-west of Cauldron.

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