(2006-02-19. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Stairs in the basement led to a black_dragon. The dragon complained that the party had slain its "children." The party slew the dragon. Beyond portcullis in the basement was a chamber where eggs once were, but was empty when the party arrived.

Elsewhere in the basement was a chamber of kuo-toa bodies, some of which showed signs of something having eaten its way out. This may have been the source of the kuo-toa spawn. The room was trapped with a pit trap. After Rassi fell in a wraith attacked and was eventually destroyed.

On the third floor Tarik's_Company battled two kuo-toa assassins. Further in was Zenith_Splintershield's chamber. Dwarven corpses hung from the ceiling; his family's banners were displayed upside-down. Zenith had gone mad and attacked the party, summonging an invisible_stalker to aid him. The party subdued Zenith and took him back to the city. On the way he muttered about a smoking_eye and a path of flame.

23rd of Readying

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