(2006-02-05. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The old man claims to be King_Jared_the_IV of Andurai. He's clearly crazy, but uses bardic magic to create illusions of his beliefs. He offers Tarik's Company a boon for their saving him. He draws a map to a nearby entrance into the Underdark, the Pit_of_the_Seven_Jaws.

17th of Readying

A half-days travel leads to the Pit, a roughly square hole in the ground with a metal staircase winding around the outside. The Company slays a cryohydra who lairs at the bottom of the pit and probably give the Pit it's name. At the bottom of the pit is a dead, frozen drow with the Company loots.

At the bottom of the Pit is a tunnel into the Underdark. It spans for many miles with occasional forks. The party follows the largest tunnel into the evening. Around mid-evening the Company is attacked by a behir, which they slay.

Near midnight the Company camps in a side passage. During the night they are ambused by two driders. It's tough fight, leaving several Company members badly wounded and Maeglin so weak from poison that he cannot carry his own gear.

18th of Readying

Aidan's healing magic restores most of Maeglin's strength.

The tunnel ends in a huge cavern, partially covered in water. On the far side of the underground lake is a structure shaped like a large, spiny fish. At the edge of the water the Company encounters a kuo-toa in a canoe who offers to take the party across. The kuo-toa takes the party most of the way, then tries to tip the canoe over. The kuo-toa fails and the Company slay it.

The large fish structure is a shrine of some sort. The Company heads in, only to be attacked by two groups of kuo-toa. Fortunately the fish-men are easily defeated.

The company begins to explore the shrine.

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