(2006-01-24. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

28th of Sunsebb through 10th of Readying

Tarik's Company settles down.

Shensen helps grow a small tree in Tarik's yard so that it will be large enough to support a tree house for Rassi. Kyrin designs the treehouse and arranged to have it built.

Tarik crafts magical items for various party members.

There are changes in the city over the weeks. Taxes are increased. The standard tax for citizens is raised from 1 gold piece per year to 5 gold pieces.

Half-orc mercenaries have been hired to supplement the city guard. They behave like thugs.

The Magical Threats Agency ends up being mostly independent, not working under Skellerang.

Maeglin and Shensen spend a great deal of time together.

Aidan spends time courting Filia.

Detrick regularly visits Cauldron to see Verana.

Aidan spends time and money supporting the Lantern_Street_Orphanage.

Alek_Tercival has been missing for some time. Maeglin and Verana go to Redgorge to investigate. No one in Red Gorge has seen Alek, nor is there a possession requiring an exorcism.

Rassi sees Corah_Lathenmier acting up at one of Annah_Taskerhill's performances at the Tip_Tankard. Rassi cusses out Corah. Corah tries to start a fight, but is dragged out of the bar by Zachary_Aslaxin_III.

There is word that Corah and Zachary were seeing each other but broke up because Zach has feelings for Annah.

There is word that the Last_Laugh has resurfaced and is recruiting. There is also word that the Alleybashers have recently been destroyed while working as guards in a lair under the city. They may have been the guards working for Triel.

While camping in the jungle, Rassi entered a clearing as a group of baboons were leaving. In the clearing were piles of stones similar to monoliths.

Kyrin studies the harp and composes a song about his love for Annah.

Tarik joins the Blue_Water_Academy and studies Sundabar_Spellmason.

Tarik goes to Hollowsky to visit his old master Ottam_Rorynel. Unfortunately several days earlier Ottam had died after a sudden illness. Alcoa, another of Ottam's old apprentices, had seen Ottam before he died. Alcoa thinks Ottam was poisoned.

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