(2006-01-22. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

21st of Sunsebb

The Company is visited by Sarcem's ghost. Sarcem's spirit has remained bound to the material plane through his armor. He forsees hard times ahead and wishes to help the Company. The Company agrees to sacrifice a bit of their life energy to bind themselves to Sarcem. Sarcem will then be able to protect and heal the Company from beyond.

21st of Sunsebb through 26th of Sunsebb

With the flood dealt with, the Lowering_of_the_Waters festival restarts. Rassi wins the Drink_Down_the_Flood competition, but collapses with her third drink when facing Lord_Vhalantru. Tarik moves into his house and orders some renovations. Tarik also creates magical items for various party members. As thanks for recovering the wands, Tarik's Company is invited to the Demonskar_Ball.

27th of Sunsebb

The Company attends the Demonskar_Ball. A portion of party goers are asked to dress like demons. Two are asked to portray Sundabar_Spellmason and the demon Nabtathorian and to do a brief pagent of Spellmason's victor over the demon. Tarik is asked to be Nabtathorian and an elaborate costume provided. Spellmason is played by Zachary_Aslaxin_III. The symbolic battle is brief, with Zachary using the opportunity to strike several nonserious but painful blows on Tarik. Maeglin brings Shensen. Verana brings the carnie Detrick. Aidan brings Filia_Sturmguard. Kyrin manages to concince Annah_Taskerhill to come with him, but she refuses to see him again at the end of the night.

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