(2006-01-15. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

After some magical preparation, the Company faces the skeletal tyrannosaur. It is a formitable foe, but the preparations pay off and the company destroys it. Further in the company finds and destroys zombie orcs and Spawn_of_Kyuss. The Spawn are guarding a stone chest. Inside the chest are sacks full of coins. The sacks are marked with a birdcage symbol.

Returning to areas previously left unexplored, the party tangles with and slays several large spiders and ettercaps. A chest in the area holds the final stolen wand.

Having recovered all of the wands, the Company heads back to town. The water is already ankle deep on Ash_Avenue. Jenya, a group of her acolytes, and Aidan use the wands to lower the lake several feet.

20th of Sunsebb

The mayor's office, through Jenya, rewards the Company with 500 platinum pieces.

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