(2005-12-18. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company continues exploring, slaying a small group of mercenaries. Drained after many fights, the Company camps out in the armory. Aidan uses stone_shape to block the door. During the night a group of mercenaries attempts to enter, but is unable to break Aidan's sealing.

19th of Sunsebb

Aidan unseals the doors and the Company slays the small group of mercenaries waiting beyond. The Company surprises and slays two small groups of mercenaries who are watching arrow slits in the main hallway. Verana leads the party around two pit traps in the main hallway. The hallway opens to a huge chamber where the Company defeats a mud slaad.

Exploring the north end of the complex, the Company finally locates Triel. After a brief but bloody fight, they recover three wands_of_control_water from her corpse.

In natural caves further north the Company sees but decides to avoid a skeletal tyrannosaurus. Further in, guarded by a glyph_of_warding and some zombies is a huecuva gnoll. The gnoll has another of the stolen wands.

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