(2005-12-04. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company searches the Lucky Monkey for survivers. In the cellar the Company slays several more bandits. A sole survivor, the drow woman Shensen is found unconcious behind a crude brown_mold trap she crafted to protect herself.

Out back is pile of bodies. After slaying two velociraptors scavenging, the Company locates Sarcem's body. Sarcem's gear is present, but the wands are missing.

Lacking any leads, the Company heads back to Cauldron with Sarcem's body. The party also learns that Shensen is a member of the Striders_of_Fharlanghn.

18th of Sunsebb

Shensen returns to thank the party. Shensen describes the woman who was with the bandits, but was not present when the Company arrived. The woman had curly red hair, and red and purple tattoos on her face and legs. She wore spiked full plate armor and a holy symbol of Hextor.

On a lead from Maeglin, the Company learns of a woman with curly red hair: Triel_Elderast. Triel was a member of the town guard. While breaking up a fight at the Rusted Nail, Triel went insane and slew several guards. Badly injured, she fled into the jungle. She is presumed dead.

Tygot reveals that the black ceramic and iron coins are probably associated with the failed invasion of the demon Nabtathorian from the Demonskar. Spellmason drove the demonic invasion off.

From Jenya the company learns of the history of the Lowering_of_the_Waters. In previous years the various churches of the city worked to craft the wands themselves. Because of light rains in the last few years, people have become jaded to the entire thing. This year Ike_Iverson of Wee_Jas announced the temple was pulling out. The temple of Kord decided to instead support the sporting events at the festival. The high priest of Pelor was slain by brigands; his replacement is not powerful enough to create the wand. Unable to create all of the wands himself, Sarcem was granted funds by the Lord_Mayor's office to purchase wands in Sasserine.

Sarcem's soul refused to be raised from the dead. Jenya allows the party to speak_with_dead with Sarcem, but the answer are unhelpful. Asking the Star_of_Justice proves more fruitful. It responds, "The one who sears flesh at the fallen cup knows of the ruined lair. Seek the wands with the three builders. One of them has had an accident." The clue leads the party to Arty_Schemwick, cook at the Tipped_Tankard. Magically charmed, Arty reveals that he has been supplying Triel with weapons. Arty gives the company directions to Triel's lair down a lava tube outside of town.

The lava tube leads to a large underground lake. A gondola system connects the lava tube's ledge high above lake to a beach across the lake. Tarik's Company fails to bluff warriors guarding the winch mechanism. After slaying the guards the Company takes the gondola down to the beach. There the party is badly injured by a collapsing roof trap. The beach ends in the walls of the cavern, into which has been carved a large building with wide stone doors.

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