(2005-11-13. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

26th of Ready'reat

Kyrin bluffs his way into the Blue_Water_Academy to research vampires in their library. The librarian helpfully reports that vampires can be injured with silver or magical weapons. To slay a vampire, one needs injure it until it retreats in gaseous form to its coffin. The vampire slayer must find the coffin, stab the vampire in the heart with a wooden stake (ideally ewe), behead the vampire, then stuff the vampire's mouth with garlic or holy wafers.

Aidan realizes that the outpost is likely Daeren's_Way.

Heading back in, Tarik's Company easily defeats a goblin and worg acting as sentries.

Deeper into the outpost, the party faces an ambush by a group of goblins and a worg. After defeating them, Drakthar himself attacks. Having prepared specifically to face Drakthar they easily injure him. Drakthar turns to a gaseous form and retreats. Fortunately Drakthar's gaseous form is slow and the company gives chase. While following Drakthar, the company battles several groups: a goblin adept with two shock_lizards, several more goblins, some sort of flesh and bone construct in the shape of a throne, and a dire_bat. Finally the company arrives at Drakthar's lair moments behind his gaseous form. Drakthar's coffin is hidden beneath a stone slab in the floor. Following the instructions the party dispatches Drakthar.

The group sweeps the outpost for any of Drakthar's remaining minions. In one room they find and battle a human mage and a tiefling warrior. Further into the outpost the company encounters a group of half-orcs lead by a dwarf. After slaying the orcs the dwarf begs for his life.

The outpost finally opens into a wooded glen on the side of the volcano.

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