(2005-11-06. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

As Tarik's_Company approaches Orak's_Bathhouse, the group is attacked by four wererats. Once dispatched, Verana picks the lock and the party heads in. The group confronts Orak, who orders them to leave. When the refuse, Orak attacks. After subdueing Orak, it becomes clear he is under a magical compulsion. With the compulsion temporarily removed, Orak reveals that the bugbear Drakthar charmed him. The nature of the charm leads the party to conclude that Drakthar is a vampire. The bathhouse has a long sealed door leading to an abandoned dwarven outpost. Drakthar compelled Orak to open the door and allow goblins passage through the bathhouse into the city and back. The group delivers Orak to the Church_of_the_Righteous_Cudgel to be healed. While at the Temple the group meets the paladin Alek_Tercival.

25th of Ready'reat

The party heads below Orak's Bathhouse into the dwarven outpost. The place is filthy with goblin waste. As the party enters the outpost an alarm is raised. There is a large battle in which the company slays more than two dozen goblins and a worg. The group also drives off a second worg with glowing red eyes and the ability to turn to mist. The warg may be Drakthar himself.

The party explores the now mostly empty area, only briefly battling a pair of goblin adepts who ambush the party from magical invisibility.

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