(2005-10-23. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Tarik's_Company regroups in town. Many of the company invest in magical items. Jenya rewards the party. Skellerang has the Stormblades collapse the entrances into the Underdark, the Malachite_Fortress, and Jzadirune.

22nd of Ready'reat

Lord_Mayor Severen_Navalant invites Tarik's Company to a dinner in the company's honor. The group purchases formal attire and attends. The half-elf Lord_Vhalantru welcomes the company. The Mayor himself was unable to attend; he was busy with affairs of state. A Lord_Ankin_Taskerhill introduces himself. His daughter, Annah_Taskerhill leads the Stormblades. Other nobles met include the Vanderborens and Ike_Iverson. Lord_Aslaxin and Lady_Knowlern are noticably disinterested in Tarik's Company. Uncomfortable among the nobility, the company leave relatively early.

On the way back to the Drunken_Morkoth, the company stops by the Tip_Tankard, rumored to be a popular drinking spot for the Stormblades. The Stormblades aren't known for much. They did dispatch some kobolds and regularly buy rounds at the Tankard.

23rd of Ready'reat

A visit to the Lantern_Street_Orphanage reveals that Deakon and Terram's parents were adventurers who never returned. Keygan_Ghelve has also been by to replace the locks because of city mandate.

On the way back, the company notices two elves spying on them. The company trap the spies who claim to be Fario and Fellian of the Lord Mayor's office. The group lets the elves go and attempts to follow them, but they use potions to disappear.

That evening the company comes across a group of goblins vandalizing a clothing store. After defeating them, the company questions a prisoner. The goblins work for a bugbear named Drakthar. When the party presses for information on how the goblins entered the city, some sort of magical curse slays the goblin.

The party turns the scene over to the town guard. This is apparently not the first incident with goblins.

24th of Ready'reat

Terseon_Skellerang asks Tarik's Company to investigate the goblin vandalism incidents. They've been happening for several nights. There is a reward for goblin ears. Terseon knows nothing about the elves Fario and Fellian.

That evening Tarik's Company patrols the streets. Eventually they spot a group. Verana follows them back to Orak's_Bathhouse, then leads the rest of the company there.

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