(2005-10-16. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The beholder claims it is here to take one of the orphans, Terram_Kharatys, back to the orphanage. It ignores the company's attempts to negotiate. Instead, the beholder tosses a pouch of coins on the floor as a reward. The beholder then disintegrates Terram's shackled with a beam from it's eye, pulls Terrem toward itself with another eye beam, then disappears with Terram.

Wen the beholder disappears, the remaining hobgoblins in the complex rush in to attack the party, but are quickly slain.

The orphans direct the company to the prison cells. The cells are concealed behind an illusionary wall and guarded by two hammer_automatons. With some effort, the group destroys the automatons and frees the remaining prisoners.

With an injured prisoner, injuries of their own, and drained of magic, the party retreats to the surface. There they return the three orphans to Gretchen at the orphage. Gretchen reports that Terram was returned by a woman wearing a scarf and dark clothing.

Given the grief that Gryffon has given the party, they take him to his fiance Imelie. They report Gryffon's plan to head into the underdark, abandoning her. There the party and Gryffon learn that she is now betrothed to another man.

The party takes the adult prisoners to the main guardhouse, turning them over so that the guard can house them for the night and take their statements. One prisoner, Coryston was badly injured by hobgoblin torture and is unconcious. The party takes her to the Church_of_the_Righteous_Cudgel. She proves to be a member of the temple and is healed. When Jenya learns that the orphans have been rescued, she heals the party. The group arranges to meet with Jenya the next evening. Adrian is informed that his son has been rescued; he rushes into the night to see his son.

21st of Ready'reat

The group returns to the Malachite_Fortress to clear it of any remaining infestation. A number of barracks and private rooms are found, as is a small forge converted into a torture chamber. The group locates a treasure horde. The horde is protected by several traps and a powerful mimic disguised as a gong. The battle with the mimic is difficult, but the party slays it. Near the entrance the group finds a dwarven statue that has been draped with chains. The chains are an animated object and attacks the group. With some injures, the chains are destroyed. Beyond the statue is a bridge leading over a chasm to natural caverns. The caverns likely lead further into the Underdark. While finishing their sweep, Tarik's Company finds a room with two lemures lurking there. The demons are quickly dispatched. Having searched the fortress, the party returns to the surface.

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