(2005-10-09. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The group heads to the surface. They sell the things they have looted and purchase new equipment for the next part of their descent.

20th of Ready'reat

After further preperations, the group heads down through Jzadirune and into the Malachite_Fortress. The entrance is guarded by an earth elemental, a stone_spike. Aidan attempts to reason with it, but it is compelled to try and stop the group. After defeating it, an ogre bursts in and attacks. After dispatching it, the ogre's body shifts form into an otyugh.

A secret door leads to an old dwarven armory, still well stocked. Beyond the secret armory is a smithy. A group of hobgoblins and goblins watch several slaves work the smithy. The party slays the goblinoid captors and frees the slaves to return to the surface.

In a nearby kitchen the party slays two goblins to free another kidnapped Cauldron citizen, Gryffon. Gryffon has reached an agreement with his captors and is now their cook. He is being paid and has been promised his freedom. He is looking forward to heading deeper into the underdark. The party decides to leave him tied up in the secret passage for later extraction.

Finally, the party finds a large ceremonial chamber. Several hobgoblins, a howler, a durzagon, and the dwarf-troll Kazmojen are there with the four kidnapped children. After a tough fight the party slays the children's kidnappers.

As the company regroups and prepares to leave, a beholder appears behind them.

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