(2005-10-02. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Tarik's_Company continues to explore Jzadirune. The group faces and defeats several more skulks, dark_creepers, and a pulverizer_automaton. The group encounters and slays the leader of the dark_ones, Yuathyb. They discover several more keys as they explore. After many battles, they retreat to the surface for the night.

18th of Ready'reat

Continuing to explore the group encounters a grell and a raggamoffyn. Badly battered, they rest back in Ghelve's shop. Another key is found.

19th of Ready'reat

While still exploring, the group encounters another raggamoffyn and annother pulverizer automaton. In an empty, hidden scroll library the group finds an illusion of an gnomish woman claiming to be Emirystul. She says that the scrolls were destroyed to limit the spread of The_Vanishing. She warns visitors to be careful. In a set of secret rooms, the group battles a dread_guard. Finally the party locates an elevator that leads further down. Capturing one of the hobgoblins guarding it, they learn that below is the Malachite_Fortress. Kazmojen hired the hobgoblins to follow him to the fortress. Once there, he struck a deal with the dark ones to capture people from Cauldron. The captives are sold as slaves to other Underdark races.

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