In Michael's message Campaign_Newsletter_2005-09-26, players were assigned homework.

Reply to the list with your answers to the following questions.

  1. Please name a member of your character's family, extended family, or a family friend that they looked up to growing up. Give us one paragraph on who they were and why the character admired them.
  2. What is your character like when drunk?
  3. Is there an object, weapon, momento, etc, that your character feels somewhat possesive of? Where did it come from, and why do they feel strongly about it?
  4. 2005-09-26_Homework_answers_from_Katie

  5. 2005-09-26_Homework_answers_from_Alan

  6. 2005-09-26_Homework_answers_from_Joe

  7. 2005-09-26_Homework_answers_from_Brian

  8. 2005-09-26_Homework_answers_from_Jeff

  9. 2005-09-26_Homework_answers_from_Viv


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