(2005-09-18. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana )

The group explores Jzadirune. They encounter a number of skulks. The enclave is well secured with magically trapped doors. It appears that the skulks have tunneled from room to room to avoid the trapped doors. The group encounters an animate chest, the mimic One. The mimic is supposed to be guarding Starbrow, but is foolish and friendly. From One the group learns that someone named Kazmojen has been working with the skulks from a place called the Malachite_Fortress. This Fortress is somewhere below Jzadirune. They recently hired hobgoblins and several mimics to help. The group has been kidnapping people from Cauldron for some sort of slaving operation. The convinces One to let them have Starbrow. The group encounters more skulks as they explore Jzadirune. After a difficult fight with a choker below an old gnomish stage, the group retreats to the surface to recooperate.

17th of Ready'reat

The group continues to explore, facing more skulks. The group locates several keys that allow them to pass through the trapped doors.

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