In Michael's message Campaign_Newsletter_2005-09-13, players were assigned homework to answer these questions.

This week I'd like I'd like you to ponder something simple, and send it to the list. What does your character like about his or her everyday life? Specifically -

  1. What is their preferred type of food? Please list a few example dishes they enjoy.
  2. Is there a style of clothing, or a specific piece of clothing, your character prefers to wear? Please describe the style or clothing article.
  3. Does your character have a hobby? What do they do with their "free time"? Please give an example of a project your character has undertaken.
  4. 2005-09-13_Homework_answers_from_Katie

  5. 2005-09-13_Homework_answers_from_Alan

  6. 2005-09-13_Homework_answers_from_Joe

  7. 2005-09-13_Homework_answers_from_Brian

  8. 2005-09-13_Homework_answers_from_Jeff

  9. 2005-09-13_Homework_answers_from_Viv


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