(2005-09-11. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The group learns that Adrian has mislead them. 25 people have disappeared in the last two months. Adrian has the group help him confront the Terseon_Skellerang, the captain of the guard. As Adrian is overly excited and unlikely to interact well with Terseon, Tarik magically charms Adrian and speaks on Adrian's behalf. Terseon is happy to help a group of adventurers look into the disappearances. Terseon provides what information he can. Adrian pays the group and expects the group to leave town. He is happily surprised that the group is interesting in helping to investigate.

16th of Ready'reat

The group formally incorporates as Tarik's_Company and begins investigation. The previous night four children were kidnapped from an orphanage. The group investigates, noting that the orphanage uses locks by Keygan_Ghelve, a local locksmith. Given that none of the kidnappings showed signs of forced entry or picked locks, the group suspects Ghelve may be involved.

The group decides to check Adrian_Whitebeard's locks to see if Adrian used Ghleve's locks. En route they find Adrian being attacked by two city guards wearing the face paint of the Last_Laugh gang. The group subdues Adrian's attackers. A woman in the same face paint escapes across the rooftops.

Taking the injured Adrian to the temple of St._Cuthbert, the group learns that Adrian stole the money he paid the group. The money came from the temple's coffers. The group returns the stolen money. The temple has decided to help with the disappearances. They have asked their holy relic for guidance. It provided a cryptic prophecy that seemed to further implicated Ghelve.

The group headed to Keygan_Ghelve's shop and confronted him. The group was attacked by a skulk. Ghelve revealed that his shop was built atop the abandoned gnomish enclave Jzadirune. Skulks and dark_creepers came out of the underground location several months ago. They kidnapped Ghleve's familiar, Starbrow, and forced him to craft a master key to all of his locks. The group sends Ghleve to the city guard. The group heads into the underground enclave.

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